Our Services


Wholesale food distributorship services

We offer wholesale services for Japanese and other Asian food products including Japanese and other Asian frozen seafood in Canada and we sell directly to restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, and other retailers.


Sourcing, importing, and distribution services

We have dedicated purchasing divisions located in various countries enabling us to source products directly from domestic and overseas food manufacturers at extremely competitive prices, which translates into affordable prices for our customers.

We have also built an efficient logistics infrastructure with warehouses equipped with its own truck fleet to cover the major Canadian population centers, delivering Japanese and other Asian foods and frozen seafood products to the customers’ doorstep. By controlling the supply chain, from local source to customer delivery, we are able to bring product to market timely and efficiently. Our flexibility also allows us to quickly adjust to the rapidly changing trends of the food business.

Our sales reps normally come and visit your locations in order to improve communication and build strong relationships with you and not just process through phone orders only.  We provide multi-language supports (English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese along with English) at most locations, along with French at the Quebec branch.) We operate three different temperature (dry, chilled/refrigerated and frozen) controlled warehouses at all branches. Please contact our local branches for our current delivery areas.




The Company’s branches are equipped withwarehouse facilities and located along major transportation corridors.  Customers can be assured that Wismettac Asian Foods will not only get their order right, but get it to them exactly when they need it.  Wismettac Asian Foods has structured its delivery fleet and distribution operations to ensure that the product is delivered complete and on time.


  • Door-to-Door delivery service by our fleet
  • Coordination: We coordinate with third party trucking companies to deliver goods beyond our delivery territories.
  • Will-call service: If customers want to pick up their order we offer customers a will call service.
  • Every truck is refrigerated: Our all trucks utilize reefer units which can maintain not only refrigerated items but also frozen items. We operate a fleet of trucks designed to maintain optimal temperatures and use a variety of technologies to control and monitor the entire delivery process from both a safety and quality perspective.
  • GPS system: Our Logistics department utilizes a GPS System to provide real time vehicle locations as well as travel history (speed violations, excessive idling, etc.) and time at delivery locations.



  • We have the capability of importing a wide range of products including dry goods and frozen or refrigerated items from various countries around the world.
  • We have experience handling frozen and fresh seafood which requires specific HACCP or CFIA compliance.



  • Arrange Export documents and shipment.
  • We oversee and coordinate the product shipment from origin to destination, including quality control and negotiating prices with suppliers, truckers, and carriers.
  • Our longstanding relationships with suppliers allow us advantages in product quality and prices.